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With Spread it is possible to direct your fans to the right platforms. Via an individual link, your users can be directed directly to the platform they use. You can also add your own services.

More than just a Link


To create a new link, just search for an album, single, track or podcast and our algorithm will automatically search for links to the platforms and create your own website.


The insight into the performance of your links is very important. That's why you can easily track the clicks, visitors, actions and conversion of your links in real time.


For an optimal user experience, only the relevant information is displayed to your visitors. Services that are not available for the user are hidden and the preferred service is automatically displayed at the top.

There is so much more to discover...

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Your content, your link!

With your own domain, it looks a lot better and more serious.


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Your own website

With Spread you not only create a link, but also your own landing page. Automatically! This is magic 💥 You don't have to worry about searching for links to all plattforms. You have the possibility to customize your spread.link with your own subdomain, design and information. You can use your landing page perfectly for Instagram stories, YouTube, advertisements and on your own website.
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Design change with one Click



Los AngelesNEW


Celebrate a successful Release

Presave campaigns make it possible to presave your album or single before the release day. On the day of release, your music is automatically added to your fans library.
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Every artist with his own page


Stuttgart, Germany
Why for


You can create links for a podcast and direct your users to the desired platforms. For podcasts, it makes sense due to the two main players: iTunes & Spotify
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Why for


It is definitely worth using Spread for music. Even if platforms like Spotify often dominate, you have e.g. Insights into how often and where your links are clicked. Depending on the target group, other services can also dominate. Find out!
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Perfomance in real time

You can see your clicks, visitors, actions and conversion rate in real time backstage. Get information which services your users are clicking, how long they need and from which countries your visitors come from. Very soon you will have the opportunity to get more insights to your links.








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